Version 2.8

New features

  • Update ocr.rst, the path was wrong and not working. Thanks to sahin52.

  • Add section Workaround for huge temporary files. Thanks to dfbm.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fix starting fscrawler with Docker. Thanks to dadoonet.

  • fix: not working optional libraries (e.g. jpeg2000). Thanks to NickUfer.

  • Add procps apt package to container install. Thanks to cwperry.

  • File logs missing in docker container. Thanks to helsonxiao.


  • Bump log4j-core from 2.14.1 to 2.15.0.

  • Update to Tika 2.1. Thanks to dadoonet.

Thanks to @sahin52, @dfbm, @NickUfer, @cwperry, @helsonxiao, @dadoonet for this release!