FTP settings

You can index files remotely using FTP.

Here is a list of FTP settings (under server. prefix):

Name Default value Documentation
server.hostname null Hostname
server.port 21 Port
server.username anonymous Username / Password
server.password null Username / Password
server.protocol "local" Set it to ftp

Username / Password

Let’s say you want to index from a remote server using FTP:

  • FS URL: /path/to/data/dir/on/server
  • Server: mynode.mydomain.com
  • Username: username (default to anonymous)
  • Password: password
  • Protocol: ftp (default to local)
  • Port: 21 (default to 21)
name: "test"
  url: "/path/to/data/dir/on/server"
  hostname: "mynode.mydomain.com"
  port: 21
  username: "username"
  password: "password"
  protocol: "ftp"