Version 2.2

  • fscrawler comes with new default mappings for files. They have better defaults as they consume less disk space and CPU at index time. You should remove existing files in ~/.fscrawler/_default/_mappings before starting the new version so default mappings will be updated. If you modified manually mapping files, apply the modification you made on sample files.

  • excludes is now set by default for new jobs to ["~*"]. In previous versions, any file or directory containing a ~ was excluded. Which means that if in your jobs, you are defining any exclusion rule, you need to add *~* if you want to get back the exact previous behavior.

  • If you were indexing json or xml documents with the filename_as_id option set, we were previously removing the suffix of the file name, like indexing 1.json was indexed as 1. With this new version, we don’t remove anymore the suffix. So the _id for your document will be now 1.json.