Release the project

To release the project, run:


The release script will:

  • Create a release branch

  • Replace SNAPSHOT version by the final version number

  • Commit the change

  • Run tests against all supported elasticsearch series

  • Build the final artifacts using release profile (signing artifacts and generating all needed files)

  • Tag the version

  • Prepare the announcement email

  • Deploy to

  • Prepare the next SNAPSHOT version

  • Commit the change

  • Release the Sonatype staging repository

  • Merge the release branch to the branch we started from

  • Push the changes to origin

  • Announce the version on

You will be guided through all the steps.

You can add some maven options while executing the release script such as -DskipTests if you want to skip the tests while building the release.


Only developers with write rights to the sonatype repository under fr.pilato space can perform the release.

Only developers with write rights to the DockerHub repository can push the Docker images.